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Welcome to Manzano Pest Management!

We are a family-owned and operated pest control company that’s based in Rio Rancho. We have been serving the residents and businesses in the greater Albuquerque area by providing the complete solution to their pest control woes.

No pest problem is too small or large for the experts at Manzano Pest Management. The key to getting a home or office space free from annoying and destructive pests is to act quickly. Once you start to notice the tell-tale signs that you might be having unwanted guests living in your home or office space, the first thing you need to do is call a professional pest control service.

This is where we come in. Manzano Pest Management has years of experience in delivering superior quality pest control services to the residents and businesses of the greater Albuquerque and Rio Rancho area. Through the years, we are proud of building a reputation that makes us the go-to choice for many households and offices that want to get rid of unwanted pests such as bed bugs, rats and so on. When we say that we are a full-service pest control company, we mean it.

We don’t just deal with the regular, like mice and bugs; we are experts in getting rid of more than just the average pests. This includes bats (endangered species), possums, raccoons, and snakes. New Mexico’s got a bug and termite problem. But, the good news is, we have the solution to that problem.

At Manzano Pest Management, our goal is to utilize the latest technologies and eco-friendly solutions to obtain maximum results with our pest management services. In other words, no pest control company in the area gets rid of bugs and rodents faster and at a lower price then we can.



Manzano Pest is a provider of the BASF InsideOut service. This unique service offers the latest in ant control services. A complete Termidor exterior treatment alongside a Phantom insecticide interior service creates season long ant control. Manzano Pest Management offers a variety of services to fit into your schedule and most importantly your budget.


One Time Service:  Are you buying a home or might you be preparing your home for rental or sale? Call Manzano and we will ensure no unwanted guests are touring the property.

Monthly Service: Do you have a specific problem that persists even though you have done everything in your power to stop them? Our monthly treatment can provide the solution you need.

Bi-Monthly Service-Your best Value!: Our every-other month service will provide constant control of any unexpected pests in and around your home. Using IPM and perimeter control techniques along with the latest in pest control technology Manzano Pest will keep the pests away.

Quarterly Service: Are you only seeing pests once in a while? Our Quarterly service is the choice for you. Our technicians will come out and preventatively treat your home to keep those occasional invaders at bay.

Referral Program: Does your neighbor use Manzano Pest? If not, have them give us a call and we will give them 10% discount off on their first service! You will also receive 10% off of your next regular service.


Manzano Pest Management offers a number of services for every type and size of commercial and institutional business operation. All commercial clients need quality pest control; though we know each has different priorities. Your program will be designed to meet your unique needs.

Types of accounts we effectively service:

  • Apartment Complexes
  • Automotive Dealerships
  • Churches
  • Health Care Facilities
  • Manufacturing Facilities


Our Goal is to solve and prevent pest problems. We will save you time and money as we:

  • Work to your company standards
  • Maintain knowledge of changing regulations
  • Research new and better products to protect your environment
  • Document visits for accurate pest monitoring
  • Assign the same technician
  • Communicate possible pest issues

Let us tailor a treatment program for your facility.

Multi-Family Solutions

Manzano Pest Management is a proud member of the Apartment Association of New Mexico and has many solutions to offer for multi-family properties.

General Preventative Pest Service- This service can be as often as a weekly service and provides your residents with the peace of mind that pest will not bother them.



Our Guarantee

Your safety is our number one priority. Manzano Pest Management only uses industry best practices when it comes to getting rid of bed bugs or other pests. We have built a reputation by delivering superior pest control services by using only quality,  environmentally-friendly products to take care of your pest problems. Because there’s never a good time for an infestation, we offer a 24/7 emergency service so you can be free of pests as soon as possible.

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