Where Do They Live?

Ants love damp climates and moist areas in your home. You are likely to find ants nesting around a sink in the kitchen or bathroom.

How Do You Know You Have Them?

You may notice lines of ants marching in an area of your home, or a scattered few. They search for syrup, honey, jelly, meat, fruit, grease fat, and other domestic foods if these are not available in your home, the ants will feed on dead or living insects or any other type of organic matter.

Get Them Before They Destroy Your Property

Carpenter ants enter the structure through gaps or cracks while looking for food. However, the appearance of large numbers of winged adults inside a structure indicated that the nest(s) exists indoors.

When trying to locate a colony of an infested structure the technician will look for wood shavings, pieces of foam insulation or other nesting materials that have been pushed out of the nest. They will also look for structural moisture problems that may attract them as well as listen for any rustling sounds in the wall voids that may indicate that there is a colony in the area.

Being that these are considered Wood Destroying Insects, many mortgage companies require inspection/treatment before approving requested mortgages and/or sales. Call Afederal today for an estimate!

PREVENTION TIP: If you want to avoid that march of Ants from coming into your home, you need hide the one thing they’re looking for, and that’s water. Make sure there’s no water sources in your home or fruit bowls on your counter tops, otherwise these bugs on a mission just might show up to say hello.