Termites are Dangerous — You Have to Know & React Quickly in Order to Prevent Property Loss!

Termites are great anxiety for homeowners. The discovery of eaten wood areas or mud tubes signals a real headache for most people. Afederal can help-but first we need to be sure that they are really termites that you are seeing. The pictures on this page show you the difference between common flying ants and swarming termites. If you have swarming termites, we need for you to save a sample of the insect.

There are a variety of characteristics that help in telling the difference between them. The swarming variety of each has wings and both may have the same size and coloring. Termites, however, always have wings that are longer than the body, while ant wings are about the same length of the body. Ants have bodies segmented into three parts while termites have a body with no obvious segments.